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Quotes This was left on my card processing site Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness, Wait Time Rick has a mobile service which makes the entire process seem very smooth and convenient. He seems very honest, trustworthy, and competent and he is also very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend to anybody with car troubles. -T.N Quotes
card site

Quotes I love Rick he has worked on my car and my families cars for over 10 years now. Very honest and reliable. I recommend him to everyone. He is the BEST mechanic. Quotes
good Mechanic

Quotes Thomas Gordon ? I've never commented on any business, but these guys saved my skin, so I told them I would send them some business. I'll just try to sum this up with the relevent facts. I was given an estimate for 3.2 hr. Job. 8 hours later, I paid for my original 3.2 hrs. Your pretty mechanic shops would charge you for the unforeseen problems AND the extra hours, but when you make a handshake with these guys, they honor what they agreed on. Go there if you want your vehicle fixed for what you were quoted. Did I also mention the pretty mechics quote was $120 more then their quote. The boss is a REAL mechanic. The kind that are taught the ability to turn a wrench while under fire. Oorah! Say hi to him for me. Quotes
5 star

Quotes Last week my car made a really bad grinding sound on the drive side front wheel. I had some days off so my car stayed park. today, I decided to call Rick and see if he could at least look at at my car. Well, he came out and to my surprise he got to work on my brakes right away. 1 1/2 hours later I was up and running. It cost way less than what I had been quoted by the so called discount break mechanics. He was really pleasant and friendly to work with. I'm sending my friends over to him in a few days. Quotes
Very happy. Great mechanic.

Quotes My Saab needed a little TLC -- the brake pads had worn out and a squealing sound was coming from the alternator. The local Saab specialist wanted $600 to do the brakes and they said that the squealing was due to a bad alternator bearing -- they wanted another $850 to remove and replace the alternator. I saw Rick's ad on Craigslist and figured it was worth a try. Good move! He took care of the brakes for only $170 (both front and rear) and he fixed the squealing alternator for $30! Turns out, the problem was just a loose bracket. Car's running and stopping great now. aLesson learned -- some mechanics will try to hose you if they get the chance. Fortunately there are also honest straight up people like Rick out there. I'm glad I called Autotude. Quotes
Guido B.
Saab needed TLC

Quotes Had a 67 Mustang delivered and it did not arrive in great shape I thought I was going to have to pay thru the nose to get it fixed Rick was very reasonable on his prices Thanks Rick Quotes
Mustang nightmare

Quotes thought i needed a clutch job Rick looked at it and found my reservoir was empty from sitting so long i should have checked it i know better but Rick could have soaked me for a clutch job and didn't Quotes
I oopsed

Quotes I have had Rick work on multiple vehicles He was fast and knowledgeable about his job Quotes
Picture Car Source
Biffles NASCAR

Quotes Had Rick install a new starter on my Maxima the starter failed and Rick was right their to remedy the problem Quotes

Quotes Rick got my 48 Packard up and running and found the short on my 49 Ford that nobody else could find and treated them with respect cloth fender covers and was competent about his job Quotes
49 Ford and 48 Packard