Automotive Care You Can Afford And Trust


I have been working in the automotive industry for over 30 years. I was trained in the United States Marine Corp in the ground support equipment field and that covered everything from a chainsaw to a gas turbine compressor (jet engine). That initialed gas engines both two and four stroke, diesel engines, transmissions, electrical, hydraulics, body and fender, fuel systems, brake systems, suspension, and so on. I also have gone to specialty schools on diesel and jet engines then other training was done with Ford there I learned a lot from Ford in computer systems and customer service. I actually took a class that was titled (How to talk to a customer) that class taught how to explain a vehicle problem to a customer so they can understand. I know that if i talk in technical lingo all the customer really hears is blah blah blah so that class basically made me understand to find out what the customer is into then put the problem in terms they can understand. For example one of my favorite stories is I had this elderly lady that had no clue about mechanics but she knew her sewing machine backwards forwards and sideways. So i put the problem into terms like it was her sewing machine and she got it you could see it in her eyes. It makes a person feel good when you can see that they understand.

My Dream

When I was "Dreaming" of this business my thought was that I wanted to build a performance shop that does all types of performance upgrades and aftermarket installs. But to get there I needed to start small. I have been trying to do this since 1996 but I have run into road blocks time and time again. From not enough to get into a real shop to taking on partners that did not share my dream and they wanted to stroke the customer and I did not agree so I dissolved the partnership and struck out on my own. Now I am going to start all over again from the ground up. So I have retained a lot of my past customers and I am gaining new ones all the time.